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My Story

For 34 of my working years, I made my living in the motorcycle business, initially as a mechanic. Working mostly on Moto Guzzi motorcycles, I realized that I came across a lot of useful information that wasn't in factory documentation, such as owner's handbooks, service manuals, parts catalogs, or service bulletins. I never considered myself a writer, but I hoped readers would overlook my lacking.


It seemed to work, as Guzziology has been purchased for over 26 years by Guzzi owners in every US state and 40 countries around the world. I learned that what I wrote was called a commonplace book. I believe that we all have commonplace books in us. All we have to do is write them.

Later in my career, I worked every other aspect of a motorcycle dealership. And while my life doing that was not exceptional, I believe that many of my experiences were potentially entertaining. So again, 2 commonplace books giving readers insight into the bike biz, business in general, and what it's like trying to influence manufacturers on behalf of their customers.


My Books


Available now in Paperback and Kindle

from Amazon

My Life in Bikes:

A 50-Year Love of Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and Other Motorcycles

Available now in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon

My Life in Bikes:

the rest of the stories

Available now in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon


A Conversation With Dave Richardson, by Kevin Hoffberg

Ask The Wrench, by Dave Richardson


How I Spent My Fall Vacation, by Dave Richardson

My Books

"Got a Guzzi? Good, get Guzziology. Compiled by noted mechanic, Dave Richardson, this spiral-bound book is intended to supplement the usual parts and service manuals, and thus contains everything anyone could ever want to know - and then some - about the Italian V-Twins."

Cycle World Magazine


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